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Tearing Down Country Borders. Legal and Unlimited Access to Video and Audio Portals using Geo-Proxy.

SaferSurf - Geo-Proxy

Using Global Media Services Regardless of Country Borders

Services like Hulu, Pandora, YouTube or Groovesherk try to block content from their users. Using SaferSurf GeoProxy you have legal an unlimited access to all services.

This Is How You Are Blocked

Every time you dial in to the internet you are assigned an IP address by your internet service provider. This IP address tells the websites and service providers in which geographical area you are located. This technology is called geolocation technology or geotargeting. Music and video portal providers block their content if the IP address tells you are not located in the US or another specific country.

Free and Legal Use of Global Internet Media

More and more content providers start publishing TV shows in the internet. Most TV shows will be published in their original county up to one year before they are on TV in other countries. Most of this content though cannot be accessed from outside the country of origin. Using SaferSurf you will be free to choose from a variety of global IP addresses, so that you can access the content freely, no matter where in the word you are located.

Fußball-Bundesliga Live Online

Eurosport broadcasts all Fußball-Bundesliga matches as live stream in HD quality in the Nordic countries. Thus people from Sweden, Norway or Denmark can watch the German Fußball-Bundesliga matches without any problems, while people from e.g. Germany, Austria or Spain are directed to other contents.
Link to the Bundesliga Proxy Live Demo

UEFA Champions League Live Online

The UEFA Champions League is broadcasted worldwide. However, watching UEFA Champions League is for free in some countries, e.g. in Swizerland, whereas in other countries it is only available on Pay-TV. Unfortunately people from outside Swizerland are not allowed to stream the Swiss broadcasts because they are blocked by country restrictions. From now on everybody has unlimited and legal access to those offers with our SaferSurf Geo-Proxy.
Link to the Live Demo of the UEFA Champions League

SaferSurf Geo-Proxy Breaks Every Country Barrier

SaferSurf lets you choose between different global IP addresses. You can do so by just clicking on the country you want to use and in an instant you will be provided with that country’s ID. We offer a wide variety of IP addresses all around the globe.

Unblock Service Allows Access to Blocked Websites

SaferSurf Unblock lets you bypass firewalls and other net restrictions, without having administrative rights on the PC you use. Unblock websites at your workplace and bypass internet restrictions in cybercafés, hotels, or at airports. The unblock service will work with any different PC. Read more

Unblocking YouTube Videos

The social video platform YouTube is blocking more and more videos from users. In the US this is mainly enforced by EMI. Instead of the video you desired the message “this content is not available in your country” is displayed. SaferSurf Video IP offers unlimited and legal access to all videos on YouTube. Read more

Guaranteed: Invisibility and High Speed

After you set up SaferSurf, we guarantee that you will be surfing the web incognito. Our high speed server with its multi-secured 155 Mbit connections ensures reliability and high performance. SaferSurf cooperates with the world's biggest internet provider NTT/Verio open new window

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